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1. Visit Periana and the Axarquía region

The municipality of Periana is located on a privileged position of the Axarquia region, one of the most beautiful areas in southern Spain. Periana lies between two mountain ranges, Sierra de Alhama and Sierra de Enmedio. The village has views to the Meditarranean sea and the Viñuela lake. Despite the altitude, the protection of the mountains creates a coastal climate in Periana all through the year. On the Cerro Alcolea lies an important archaeological site with paleolithic remains. This proves that the settlements in this unique paradise date from prehistorical times.

The Axarquia region is famous for its traditional white villages, a legacy of the moorish times in Andalusia. The soil is fertile in Axarquia. Olive oil and peaches from Periana are considered to be among the best in the world.

La Axarquía

Picture by Máximo López

2. Activities in the nature

Thermal spring
The water that emerges from Cortijo Zapata's spring runs down the mountain towards "Los Baños de Vilo", an ancient moorish spa over a thousand years old. There, the water from Cortijo Zapata merges with the sulphur water from this spring, which has a constant temperature of 21°C all year long. This baths have medicinal properties, specially for any kind of skin pathologies.

La Axarquía

There are many picturesque hiking routes around Cortijo Zapata. These routes will let you explore unspoilt nature and ancient ruins. The best seasons for walking in Andalusia are spring and autumn. Here is a list with some of walks in the area:

Periana - Castillo de Zalia

Periana - Ventas de Zafarraya - El Canuelo - Periana

Ruta de la Vía del Tren (in Spanish)

Ruta del Agua (in Spanish)

Cycle rides in Periana

Barranco malinfierno (in Spanish)

Ruta de los Almorávides (in Spanish)

Motorcycle rides in Axarquía

Málaga - Periana - Salar (in Spanish)

Periana - Jayena (in Spanish)

Ruta del vino dulce (in Spanish)

3. Other places to visit nearby

There are some exciting day trips you can do from Cortijo Zapata. You probably heard already about Malaga and Granada, but villages like Competa or Frigilaina hide some of the most charming spots in Andalusia. Just 50 Km away from Periana lies Nerja, where you can find an amazing cave. The cavity hosts a stage where every year takes place a unique event, the Music and Dance Festival of Cueva de Nerja. The best flamenco artists in Spain have participated in this festival since its first edition back in 1960.

Cueva de Nerja

Picture by ST33VO

For more information visit: www.cuevadenerja.es

Near Nerja, Maro Cliffs are a must. This is one of the prettiest spots along the Costa del Sol.

Acantilados de Maro

Picture by Romtomtom